3/5 Stars

Review: Chill by Elizabeth Bear

Rating: Chill by Elizabeth Bear 2010, Bantam Spectra Review Summary: In Chill, Bear is unearthing a different story than I was anticipating, placing the expected main protagonist into a kind of secondary role and promoting members of the supporting cast from the previous novel, Dust, into more primary figures, as the story sidetracks from the ship’s regained momentum …

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Review: Chasing the Dragon by Justina Robson (Quantum Gravity Book Four)

Rating: Chasing the Dragon by Justina Robson (Quantum Gravity Book Four) 2009, Pyr Review Summary: Chasing the Dragon kicks up the frenetic pace that has continued to build throughout the series, but the feeling is like someone trying to race across a rickety rope bridge before the entire thing collapses. Not the best book in the …

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Review: Winterbirth by Brian Ruckley

Rating: Winterbirth by Brian Ruckley 2007, Orbit Review Summary: Brian Ruckley’s Winterbirth is solid, and occasionally excellent writing. Unfortunately, the novel fails to really illustrate anything particularly fascinating, endearing, or even particularly human about any of the characters and they come off as rather staid, static archetypes, rather than as real people that one would be …

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Review: StarBridge by A.C. Crispin

Rating: StarBridge by A.C. Crispin 1989, Ace Review Summary: StarBridge is a fair sff Juvenile/Young Adult novel, actually written from the perspective of a young teenage girl, complete with diary entries and first love. Not bad, though there doesn’t seem to be much here for the adult reader.

Review: Hellspark by Janet Kagan

Rating: Hellspark by Janet Kagan 1988, Tor Review Summary: Hellspark‘s characters are what I’ve come to expect from Kagan (Uhura’s Song and Mirabelle) – strong, unique, and embedded in a culture (or in this case cultures) which are real and interesting, and which give more life to the characters than what one would usually expect.