Review: Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs


Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs
2007, Ace

Review Summary: Blood Bound is as solid and rewarding as its predecessor.

Full Review:

Blood Bound is as solid and rewarding as its predecessor, picking up a few short months after the resolution of Moon Called without missing a beat as far as the characters are concerned. With a few quiet, deft moves, Briggs at the same time manages to postpone and complicate the main character’s relationships with the two men vying for her attention until the reader can rejoin the story again, and work the entire process into the character and storyline naturally. The hiatus oddly enough seems to raise the stakes again just that little bit, as the character has time to start sifting through her complicated relationships with these two men.

The plot is interesting but, as in Moon Called, almost secondary to the entire story. The idea of a demon-possessed vampire would dramatically chew up page after page in any other novel, but with Briggs at the helm one is less fascinated by this (to me) amazingly original plot device than with the further socializing between Mercy and her friends and compatriots.

While being a “sequel” novel, Blood Bound is by no means merely a transitory novel whose sole purpose is to move the characters closer to the final end goal. Real problems are solved, and real issues in the complex social dynamic Mercy inhabits are being addressed. In choosing to hunt down and proactively destroy the ultimate antagonist at the close of Blood Bound, Mercy as a person takes a decisive, character-defining step towards her role in this world. That other characters are willing to back her and protect her is a testament to her “character”. That the dialogue and responses of the main and supporting characters continue to seem so natural and realistic is a testament to the author’s.

07/12/07 CSL

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